this online Scrap Book

Hello. This page is less about the subject matter of my scrap book and more generally about why a scrap book and considerations about how content filed away within these pages is respected.

Every so often when flipping through a magazine or newspaper something grabs my attention: a color, texture, photo, illustration, article, even an ad. These attention grabbers might be inspiring, humorous and at times disturbing. Depending on my level of interest I might clip out (usually more of a tearing action) what I consider ‘the keepers’. Once I’ve got it, it’s filed in a binder. I’ve seen these binders get out of hand. My girl friend has one for food, one for fashion, one for seasonal arts and crafts and more. Opening one of these binders is like a confetti of chaos. With no warning I turn a corner and find her digging through these loose page trimmings and BAM that’s when the inspiration to make a wall hanging jewelry box out of that dusty wooden wine crate, comes to life.

In the web world this scrap book concept can take many forms: bookmarks, favorites, likes, RSS feeds and probably the closest related is the blog. Which brings me to the delicate reason for writing this page. Why a scrap book and not a blog? Apparently things like copy rights, plagiarism, page ranking and SEO values are a thing. I get that. Yes, this site is for completely personal use with no angle on financial gain so why even stress over it? Unlike a physical binder scrap book in the privacy of our home this version is on the world wide web and therefore available to aliens in outer space. Sooo with respect to writers, bloggers and artists painting the internet what it is, I thank you for sharing your amazing talent; my scrap book will attempt to follow basic re-post and blog etiquette.

My girl friends wine crate jewelry box is on the wall providing a refined yet rustic home for her necklaces, rings and bracelets. Like her scrap inspired creation I hope these scraps inspire me and perhaps my scraps will also inspire you.