Solar Equity Bill Becomes Law

written by mr.paul on November 28, 2013 in Solar Photovoltaic with no comments

The Governor’s signature on the Equitable Access to Solar Energy Bill (AB217) means continued access to solar for struggling California families.

Thousands of low-income families across California are now assured access to money-saving solar technology and clean energy jobs training in the coming years, with the Governor’s signature on The Equitable Access to Solar Energy Bill (AB217). The new law, signed on October 8, extends California’s groundbreaking low-income solar programs to the year 2021, achieving similar installation targets with only half the current budget.

“Today, the Governor affirmed the idea that investing in solar in low-income communities can have a positive multiplier effect in green energy, lower bills, and job training,” said Assembly Member Steven Bradford, co-author of AB 217. “I appreciate Governor Brown’s ongoing support for this common sense measure.”

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