the Pearl by Solaleya

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pearl house top view

…The Pearl incorporates an array of “passive solar” principles that harness the sun for heating and take advantage of air movement for natural ventilation. The bay windows are fitted with an automated venting system – during the winter they soak up the weaker sun, whilst in the summer these huge windows allow every room to be bathed in sunlight. The white steel roof also reflects sunlight, helping to keep the house cool in the height of summer.

The roof can be insulated with a layer of air and cork beads, external walls are made of 12 inch-thick compressed straw, and the design can incorporate geothermal and wood pellet-fed heating systems. There’s also a rainwater storage tank located at the base of the northern pedestal.

The design of the building itself allows for it to be placed in all sorts of climates and geographies. For example, the aerodynamic shell design helps protect against strong winds, and the arch shape (made from FSC certified timber) provides resistance to earthquakes.

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about the designer Solaleya

pearl house from living room out

“Our habitat and environment have an undeniable influence on our wellbeing.”

“Our design philosophy pushes us to increase the percentage of prefabricated structural elements in our buildings allowing for optimized quality control and faster buildout. This translates into economically viable structures offering unique structural attributes and unparalleled energy efficiency for generations to come.”

pearl house house by Solaleya